Updated Temperature Controller Provides Easy Set Up, Programming, and Readability

The new PM PLUS from Watlow, an enhanced version of the popular EZ-ZONE PM temperature controller, is more intuitive than its predecessor and features an improved user interface for easier set up, programming, and readability. It features a bright, full-color front-panel display with easy-to-read characters and color coding making the display visible from many angles. It also has a smooth-touch keypad, which eliminates the rubber buttons that wear out from use and harsh environments. The new keypad also eliminates contamination points and creates a better seal on the front of the controller. The PM PLUS is backward-compatible with legacy EZ-ZONE PM controllers but offers many user upgrades including an intuitive menu flow that lets the controller be easily configured. It also still has Bluetooth connectivity with the EZ-LINK™ mobile app for remote access and full descriptions of parameters and error codes. The PM PLUS can also be ordered as a PID controller, or an integrated controller with several functions combined into one. According to the company, the new controller has a less complicated display and eliminates user dependency on cables and manuals for configuring the product.
Watlow, 1+ (800) 929-5692,

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