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Utility-scale inverter for wind and solar

The Series 6001 energy storagegrid- connect inverter provides improved power stability for wind and solar-energy users. The unit provides high-performance conversion for wind, solar, and other heavy industrial applications by creating a link between the power source and battery. Downtime is reduced and faults are cleared faster by staying on-line during fault conditions. True low-voltage ride through (LVRT) let the inverter run near-zero line voltage for extended periods, while maintaining line synchronization. High-voltage ride through (HVRT) is attained through conservatively rated components.

Designed for utility-scale gridconnect battery applications, the inverter lets users achieve full battery storage because of a large direct-current operating-voltage window.

Features of the Series 6001 include a seismic zone-4-rated enclosure; indoor and outdoor rating; a dusttight section that protects the liquid-cooled inverter and electronics- control components from harsh and dusty environments; and a vented section that houses aircooled magnetics.

Rated for 500, 1,000, and 1,500-kW applications, the inverter has conservatively rated magnetics and liquid-cooled power modules with over 7 million hours mean time between failure.

Eaton Corp.
Electrical Sector
1000 Cherrington Pkwy.
Moon Township, PA 15108
(412) 893-3300

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