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Vacuum lifter is quieter and more efficient

The piLIFT SMART vacuum lifter from Piab is “smarter”, more energy-efficient, quieter, ergonomic by design, and uses the same principles of physics as all vacuum lifters. It is the market’s first Industry 4.0 ready vacuum lifter. Smart data features based on internet connectivity let the lifter monitor movements and responding quickly to user intentions. The device also lifts and weighs loads simultaneously, collects and logs data, and makes process statistics and analyses immediately accessible to users over the web. Every aspect of the lifter has been designed with ergonomics and natural movements in mind. Ergonomic features include the shape of the handle (enabling right- and left-handed use), the hand guard and the possibility to grip from the side and to rotate objects, and well-placed variable speed controls. Lifters can reduce the load on the operator’s body by more than 80% percent, while at the same optimizing productivity. Designers also reduced power consumption by 76 %. The lifter can handle objects up to 90 lb.

Piab, 800 321 7422,

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