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Vacuum pumps increase productivity, reduce downtime

New IMI Norgren® venturi vacuum pump range includes application-specific capabilities

LITTLETON, Colorado (February 12, 2019) –NewIMI Norgren® venturi vacuum pumps, cartridges, cups and fittings are designed to handle diverse materials ranging all the way from sheet metal to corrugate to eggs. The single-stage inline venturi pump design allows contaminants to pass through without clogging, for greater reliability, productivity and uptime. Eliminating additional filters and clean screens lowers maintenance and operating costs.
The comprehensive IMI Norgren range includes unique, application-specific vacuum pump design options such as adjustable vacuum or flow rates, air amplifiers or material transfer. The pumps and cups come in a variety of materials, including 303, 304 and 316 stainless steel, FDA approved acetal resin and PVC for premium performance in any operating environment.
To put the IMI Norgren venturi vacuum pumps and components to work in your plant or machine, visit or call 800-514-0129.

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