Machine Design

Variable-speed drives

Guided by global positioning systems, custom variable- speed drives meter and dispense seed and fertilizer. The drives are used as a prime mover connected to a motor, or as a secondary drive connected to a shaft in the machine’s driveline. When used as a prime mover, the drive acts as a variable-speed device; as a secondary drive, it becomes a variable-ratio device. The drive permits slow or fast, small or large speed changes.

The variable-speed feature permits more-accurate settings for the map-based feeding and seeding process. The drives can accommodate varying terrain and soil conditions where real-time changes in fertilizer output are required. For seeding, the flexible drives help accommodate the narrow time-window for best seeding and for different application rates needed for seeding corn, wheat, oats, and other crops.

Many design options are available, including different power inputs using chain, belt and couplings.

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