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Voltage sensors

The ACPL-C87B/C87A/C870 voltage sensors are optical isolation amplifiers for voltage sensing. A 2-V input range and 1 Gٟ input impedance makes them suitable for electronic power-converter applications. A resistive voltage divider scales the dc-link link voltage to suit the sensor’s input range. A differential output voltage proportional to the input voltage is created on the other side of the optical isolation barrier.

The sensors feature advanced Sigma-Delta (Σ-Δ) modulation technology; unity gain 1 V/V, ±0.5% high-gain accuracy; 0 to 2 V nominal input range; –35-ppm/°C low-gain drift; 21 μV/°C offset voltage drift; 0.1% nonlinearity maximum; activehigh shutdown pin; 100-kHz bandwidth; 3 to 5.5-V supply range for output side; –40 to 105°C operation; 15-kV/μsec common-mode transient immunity; and an autoinsertable stretched SO-8 package.

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