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Wire -to-Board 1-mm Pitch Connectors with 1 Amp Ratings

A new set of 1.00mm pitch wire-to-board Pico-Clasp Connectors from Molex offer a variety of mating styles and orientations and are plated in either tin or gold to meet flexible design specifics. The connectors are well-suited for OEMs in the consumer, industrial, automotive, and medical industries.

The connectors range in circuit size from 2 to 50, in single- and dual-row configurations. Wide header versions are good for compact applications. Thick gold plating let the connectors operate reliably in harsh weather conditions. They have easy-to-mate outer positive locks combined with both a space-saving inner friction lock and a positive inner lock that prevents wire tangling and latch breakage. The 1.00mm pitch is one of the smallest on the market for positive lock wire-to-board crimp systems and offers a 1.0A current rating.


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