Machine Design

Combat-Ready Golf Cart

The M-Gator A1 combat-proven utility vehicle being used by the military will have a civilian cousin, according to truck maker John Deere Co. In its military incarnation, the Gator is powered by a 21-hp, 854-cc Yanmar diesel engine, sports dual batteries and radiators, and can haul 1,650 lb of payload. Standard features include keyless ignition, a front-mount tubular steel rack that can carry 250 lb, heavy-duty cargo tie downs, and a builtin brush guard. It can tow up to 1,400 lb and burns both diesel and JP8 fuels. Deere believes purchasers will likely include first responders, but civilians will also be allowed to buy it. Price has yet to be released and there is no word on how the military and civilian versions will differ.

John Deere Co.
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