Th UR5 is rated with a 5kg payload and an operating radius of 850 mm
<p>Th UR5 is rated with a 5-kg payload and an operating radius of 850 mm.</p>

Interactive Robots Can Learn by Example

Universal Robots showcases its entire line of collaborative robots at Booth #S-8072 at PACK Expo, Las Vegas. The UR3, UR5, and UR10 robot arms, named after their respective payloads in kilograms, are highlighted for their ability to work in close proximity to humans.

The robot arms are flexible to a range of manufacturing initiatives, with easy, hands-on programming and the ability to adjust to seasonal lines and variations in co-packing lines. Highly interactive and safe, the robotic arms halt operation if they come in contact with the operator, eliminating the need for cages.

The robotic arms feature a teach-pendant mode where an operator can physically move the robot to teach it new movements. The robots also respond to joystick commands via a touchscreen tablet. These easy motion-programming options improve the robots’ multipurpose capabilities. See the video below for an explanation surrounding the smallest UR robot, the UR3. 

Watch the smallest Universal Robot, the UR3, operate in the following video, courtesy of Engineering TV:

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