Robotic packer is versatile and user friendly

The modular SOMIC-FLEXX III combines the ability to pack primary packages in a flat, nested position or a standing display orientation. It uses single and multi-component packaging: one-piece corrugated blanks for standard wraparound shipping cases and two-piece trays and hoods for retail-ready presentations. It offers adaptability and impressive speed, along with the latest generation of industrial automation from Rockwell Automation and UL-certified components. It can collate, group and pack stand-up pouches, flow packs, rigid containers and other items in a wide variety of formats. This includes open or wraparound trays and  paperboard cartons and trays with covers.

Essentially, the FLEX III is a tray packer with a cover applicator that has been split apart at the center and expanded to include an insertion packer. Each of the three user-friendly modules operates as one machine. The machine can run virtually any pack arrangement, and in any type of shipping or display vehicle.

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