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Small, Precise Grippers for Cobots

The NSR-PG-10-20 Precision Parallel Gripper from New Scale Robotics is said to be the smallest, most precise smart gripper available for collaborative robots. The simple and complete gripper can be installed and begin manipulating parts in a few minutes. Application software lets users quickly and seamlessly “teach” new gripper commands. The gripper contains sensors and electronics to provide force control, size measurement, and error detection. The gripper weighs 175 grams, can lift 100 -gram objects, and has a 20-mm stroke. Modular fingers can be modified to accept a variety of part shapes and parts can be measured with 30-micrometer precision. It is available directly from New Scale Robotics at an introductory price of $3,600. The company also plans to offer the gripper through collaborative robot distributors.
New Scale Robotics, (585) 924-4450

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