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BEI releases new encoders book

BEI releases new encoders book

To learn more about correctly selecting and installing encoders, check out the newly updated Industrial Encoders for Dummies 2nd Edition from BEI Sensors, Goleta, Calif. The second edition features new in-depth explanations of resolution versus accuracy, natural binary versus gray code, and how to choose an encoder. Additionally, this 44-page book helps engineers recognize which encoder features really matter, learn encoder lingo, and beware of potential electrical and environmental problems.

Written for both novices and experts, Industrial Encoders for Dummies aims to educate engineers about these multipurpose devices. BEI has again partnered with the For Dummies series to provide an easy to read, no-nonsense approach to essential technical information. This survival guide to the industrial encoder world can serve as a quick reference, refresher course, or a complete lesson on everything related to encoders. For more information or to request a free copy, visit and mention Motion System Design in the Comments field or dropdown menu.

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