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Differential Pressure Transducer Monitors Flow

Differential Pressure Transducer Monitors Flow

The AST5300 wet/wet differential pressure sensor from American Sensor Technologies, Mount Olive, N. J., measures the difference in pressure between two points, and, when used with signal processing, can monitor flow, filter condition, and fluid levels. It generates accurate linear outputs, and these types of sensors are replacing differential pressure switches that only support on/off conditions and not close-loop control.

The AST5300 is compatible with liquid and gases on both high (1,500-psi) and low (10‑psid) pressure connections. The explosionproof transducer uses 316L steel and Inconel X750 everywhere it will come in contact with liquids or gases. The sensor employs linear variable-differential transformer (LVDT ) technology and digital compensation. An overtravel stop in the main sensor body prevents the diaphragm from extending beyond its normal range.

The standard process connection is a ¼-in. NPT female. The transducer is reportedly accurate to within ± 2%, carries EMI/RFI protection, and operates in temperatures from –40 to 185°F (–40 to 80°C).

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