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Flat Angle and Speed Sensors Courtesy of Novotechnik

Flat Angle and Speed Sensors

Novotechnik’s new Vert-X 05E Series of dual angle/speed sensors include easy mounting in small and narrow spaces with a body depth of 5 mm and mounting flanges with metal inserts. Sensors feature measurement from only 6 mm from edge of product for close wall measurements. It measures angles from 0 to 360°, rotational speed and direction.

Vert-X 05E Series sensors have an independent linearity to ±0.3% of measurement range, resolution to 12-bits (analog output), and 1,024 pulses per revolution—repeatability to 0.1°. Measurement speeds are up to 120,000 PRM, with sensor life specified as unlimited mechanical movements and 390 years MTBF. Output choices include 0.5 to 4.5 V analog and incremental including: TTL, differential RS-422, push-pull/HTL, and open collector.

The Vert-X 05E can operate at temperatures ranging from -40 to +125°C and is rated at IP68 for ingress protection. The sensors can be applied for speed regulation of an electric motor, electric vehicle drive, crane, escalator, flowmeter, pump, fork lift, construction, and agricultural machines.

Novotechnik, 155 Northboro Road, Southborough, MA 01772, (508) 485-2244

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