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Inclination sensors

New liquid-based inclination sensors, for critical applications involving precise position control and continuous positioning of rotational movements, measure the deviation on a horizontal axis of up to 360°. The sensor offers high accuracy, 0.01° resolution, and a temperature drift of just 0.01%/10K, making them suitable for solar-thermal power plant and renewable-energy applications requiring angle measurement or constant rotary monitoring.
Housed in an IP67-rated metal housing, the units operate at –40 to 85°C. The sensors are based on a capacitive measuring principle and are equipped with a liquid-based measuring cell. A 4 to 20-mA analog output signal is scaled linearly over the angular range of 360°C.
Balluff Inc., 8125 Holton Dr., Florence, KY 41042, (800) 543-8390,

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