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Better by design

Better by design

Keeping a low profile

The new LEG SlimLine bearing is a fluid-film-type thrust bearing that uses Leading Edge Groove (LEG) lubrication technology to lower frictional losses and lube oil requirements while also reducing oil film temperatures. The use of oil seals is not required because inlet oil is confined to passages within the carrier ring assembly. Fresh oil enters the bearing through an orifice located along the carrier ring’s outside diameter.

Vital stats

On display: Low-profile LEG thrust bearing Key features: Split-ring design simplifies installation; designed with 6, 8, or 11 shoes, in sizes from 92 to 457 mm; 35% smaller thickness than traditional equalizing bearings. What it means to you: Load capacities similar to — or better than — conventional equalizing bearings, while offering the narrow thickness of non-equalizing bearings. What else: Leveling plates on the back of the bearing make sure the load is equally applied to all shoes simultaneously. Innovator: Kingsbury Inc., Philadelphia

Thin mint

Think of it as a bearing on a diet. The B4-72 precision radial ball bearing is approximately 50% thinner than any other bearing of its type, and is well suited for space-critical applications such as ultra-thin motors, pancake resolvers, biomedical assemblies, and semiconductor equipment. At a width of 0.785 mm, the new bearing is much thinner than a dime.

Vital stats

On display: B4-72 precision radial ball bearing
Key features:
Dimensions include a 4.0 mm bore, 9.0 mm outside diameter, and a width of 0.785 mm. The bearing contains 12 balls (0.50 mm diameter) and a plastic retainer.
What it means to you:
A really thin bearing for applications where space is at a minimum.
What else:
Available in both stainless and chrome steel.
: Dynaroll Corp., San Fernando, Calif.
For more info: Call (800) 235-1235 or circle 399.

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