Motion System Design
Better by Design: Makes Sense

Better by Design: Makes Sense

A new type of feedback device employing an inductive scanning mechanism rivals low-end absolute encoders in terms of performance, and resolvers in terms of price. The stationary sensing element consists of an excitation coil and several smaller receiving coils symmetrically positioned within. All the coils reside on the inner surface of a cylindrically shaped printed circuit board. The moving element, a series of conductive surfaces on a PC board fixed to a rotating shaft, varies the electromagnetic field that couples the excitation and receiving coils. Corresponding voltage fluctuations measured across the receiving coils indicate shaft position.

Super Standard

It claims to be the highest rated standard roller chain in the world. According to its designers, it can carry 25% larger working loads and possesses 50% higher fatigue strength than any standard-grade chain. The performance is attributed to the way the chain is manufactured: Its bushings and rollers are cold-forged from solid steel blanks; all parts are protected by a durable stainless-steel film applied using a proprietary blast treatment; and the entire chain is subject to a high-energy mechanical hardening process.

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