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Breathe easy with proportional flow control valves

Breathe easy with proportional flow control valves

The Matrix 860 series air/gas proportional flow control valve, known for its versatility and accuracy, finds application in critical care breathing apparatus and the control of alternate fuel in automotive engines. Some of its major features include:

  • Life expectancy of at least 500,000,000 cycles
  • Response time of >1 ms
  • Extremely accurate proportional flow control, with almost zero hysteresis
  • Easily modified to suit customer specifications
  • Consistent operation valve to valve
  • Extremely compact
  • Alleviates problems found in most pneumatic/gas valves.

The valve houses nine shutters radially arranged about its axis to control the flow from nine orifices in a body that could fit in a 2.5-in. cube. The orifices are of different diameters — engineered to suit customer-specific applications. There is a single inlet and a single outlet, but the metering is done by controlling the nine orifices to vary the flow depending on the requirements of the process. Each shutter is independently controlled.

The valve produces required flow by combining the flows through each orifice as required by the system. Matrix calls this method of flow control pulse code modulation. The electrical impulse can be varied through simple electronic feedback systems. This valve family can be operated by 12- or 24-Vdc.

The response time of this valve is less than 1 ms in any flow conditions. With flow rates of between 0.28 and 750 nlpm, this valve is positioned for use in a wide variety of applications where an extremely high degree of accuracy of flow is required. It can be used for control of oxygen, anesthetics, LPG, and CNG. All noncorrosive gases can be controlled precisely and within tight tolerances.

The valve is used extensively by Germany’s Draeger Co., one of the leading manufacturers of critical care equipment. In its critical care breathing apparatus, the valve modulates the flow of oxygen or anesthetics. It is specially configured with stainless steel internals and other materials that complement the medium being controlled. For more details, visit the Web site, and look under the product called Savina — or contact Matrix at (661) 299-2762.

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