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Machine Design

Cam locks go modular

Companies making cabinets and enclosures often look for flexibility and versatility when choosing locks for their products.

To meet this demand, engineers at Southco, Concordville, Pa. (, developed the CM line of cam locks. The removable-core design gives OEMs a range of options to choose from and lets them mix and match interchangeable housings to satisfy their customers' needs.

Access, for example, can be though wing-grip hand latches, keys, or Phillips, slotted or hex tools. Sealed-cam versions meet NEMA-4 and IP66 standards. Locks can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, with 90 or 180° cam rotations. Mounting options include nuts for metal doors, spring clips for fast assembly, nuts with washers for outdoor applications, and nuts with prong washers that clinch into low-density materials. Locks can also be overmolded or reversible and have custom logos.

Sizes range from 1.6 to 57.2 mm (0.63 to 2.25 in.). Mini-sizes work with grips as small as 21.5 mm (0.85-in. tall) with just 14.9-mm (0.59-in.) diameter flange exposure on the front panel and as little as 16.4-mm (0.65-in.) cam protrusion from centerline. Locks handle up to 180-N ultimate loads; with the mini-sized locks handling 160 N.

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