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Fun with Fundamentals: Problem 211

Fun with Fundamentals: Problem 211

Par none

Problem 210 — What comes down can go up, as this month’s problem by Skip Gibbs of Elmira, N.Y., demonstrates.

It was the Lee Key Hydraulic Company’s annual golf outing, and Engineer Lucius Bluff was endeavoring to stay a discreet five strokes behind Horatio Puff. The two men came to the par-four 18th hole. Puff hooked his second shot, which ended up 130 yds from the pin in the center of a 20-ft-diam green with a 55-ft pine tree halfway between and directly in line with the ball and cup. Announcing that he was “going for it,” Puff selected his 7- iron and hit the ball straight toward the pine tree.

The ball left the 7-iron at 30 deg to the horizontal at a speed of 120 fps. The ground is flat. Neglect air resistance and assume the ball does not roll if it reaches the green. Will Puff’s ball make it to the green?

Technical consultant, Jack Couillard, Menasha, Wis.

Solution to last month’s problem 209 — You know when to quit if you answered 29 tons. Here’s the water-downed version: We can find the weight of the brine if we know the specific gravity.

Now, compute the weight of the brine.

McSneed worked a double shift!

Congratulations to Thomas E. Morgan, Sr., who won our August contest by having name drawn from 84 correct responses from a total of 96 contestants. A pack of Nerd Kards is in the mail to him.

Nerd Kards, which are the same size as baseball cards, describe the great scientists and mathematicians from ancient times down through the twentieth century. Each of the 100 Kards contains a photo or drawing of the individual and a description of his career and achievements. Many are Nobel Prize winners.

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