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Fun With Fundamentals: Problem 259

Fun With Fundamentals: Problem 259

Solving this will be like taking candy from a baby.

Problem 259 Licorice whip lash

At Big Bill’s Bargain Bulk Candies, you can buy factory direct — and save. Gummi Puppies, Snickerlickers, and Cocoa Buttons come by the crate. With your membership card, a barrel of Fire Dots or a bushel of suckers is only $13.99, limit two each. And for your crispy snack needs, animal crackers are at their everyday low price: one zoo, $7.99.

Also this month, Big Bill’s is offering 400 lb. spools of licorice free with any purchase. Bill Belly, owner of Big Bill’s Bargain Bulk Candies, said in a recent public statement, “Gurrr. Licorice is my favorite.” Employees of Big Bill’s later verified this.

However, when asked about the recent litigation suit brought against him by his flying squirrel Joseph, Big Bill teared up. “It’s just impossible,” he said. Joseph claims that last August he became stuck to the edge of one of Big Bill’s licorice spools. When Big Bill came by and began pulling on the licorice line, Joseph was spun round (and round) until he became unstuck, at which time he was flung into a vat of taffy. If Big Bill pulled with 30 lbf, what kind of angular velocity did Joseph experience when 16 feet of licorice was dispensed? Assume the radius of gyration about the axle is 1.3 ft.

Solution to problem 258, May, 2002: Pandora’s present

Winners circle

Fun problem 257: Chips ahoy!
June, 2002
Total entries: 84
Number correct: 59 (70%)
Winner: Larry Montoya-Blas, Wichita, Kan.
Larry’s prize: The Fluke 179 multimeter is designed for demanding industrial environments with a CAT IV rating, 6,000 count resolution, 0.09% accuracy, and the ability to measure min/max/average, truerms, ac voltage, current, and temperature.

Get your creative juices flowing and send us your original problems and solutions.

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Fun With Fundamentals: Problem 258

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