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Motion System Design
Fun with Fundamentals: Problem 265

Fun with Fundamentals: Problem 265

Problem 265//Pressure’s on
Dive right in, but don’t get burned on this challenge.

During a long-overdue vacation from Wayne’s Widget Emporium, Ben “Bubba” Blougher dusted off his scuba gear and got in touch with his aquatic side. After filling two air tanks at Scuba Stu’s Aquatic Rentals, the pressure gauges on both read exactly 3,000 psi.

During his first dive, Bubba left the second air tank on the beach. While he was provoking crustaceans 33 feet below, however, the sun’s intensity grew and the spare tank started to cook. What was the tank’s gauge pressure after heating from 75°F at the scuba shop to 120°F on the beach?

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