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Fun with Fundamentals: Problem 268

Fun with Fundamentals: Problem 268

Problem 268/Guzzlin’ grannies
Take a minute, or you’ll run in circles to solve this teaser.

On his first day at his job as a waiter, Walter Whoopsie is a bit overwhelmed. He’s running way behind, and the three women at one of his tables – Myrtle, Maude, and Millicent, best friends for more than 70 years – are celebrating Maude’s 88th birthday. Already feisty, they’ve ordered a Bahama Mama, a Singapore Sling, and a Jägermeister shot, and are getting antsy in their booth.

Walter has already dropped several trays, but doesn’t want to make too many trips to and from the bar. Where should he balance the tray containing the three drinks, if the Bahama Mama weighs 1.7 lb, the Singapore Sling weighs 1.25 lb, and the Jägermeister shot weighs 0.6 lb? Assume that the weight of the tray is negligible, and the three drinks are arranged at the corners of an equilateral triangle with 12-in. edges.

Solution to problem 267 Reverse engineering, April 2003

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