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Fun With Fundamentals: Problem 274

Fun With Fundamentals: Problem 274

Problem 274//Sweet defeat

The Rednecks from West Virginia Mountain College and the Hillbillies from Pennsylvania University of Agriculture had a long-standing football rivalry. The season — and a chance to go to the Appalachian Junior League playoffs — was riding on the final game. To add to the excitement of the competition, Bubba Brown, captain of the Rednecks, tossed down the gauntlet.

Mountain College had a tank truck partially full of chocolate syrup. Bubba suggested the losers should have to “drink” the syrup. Billy Bob Black, captain of the Hillbillies, accepted the challenge.

How many gallons of chocolate syrup did the losers have to drink — or use for sundaes and sodas — if the tank was 80 in. wide, 50 in. high, and 120 in. long? The depth of the syrup in the tank was 18 in.

Solution to problem 273, Beat the clock, October 2003:

Winners circle

Fun problem 272: Scratch match September 2003
Total entries: 22
Number correct: 5 (23%)
Winner: John Pfeiffer
John’s prize: A Guide to MATLAB
A Guide to MATLAB (by Brian Hunt, Ronald Lipsman, and Jonathan Rosenberg) is a short, focused introduction to MATLAB, a comprehensive software system for mathematics and technical computing. It can help you produce polished, integrated, interactive documents for reports, presentations, or online publishing. Cambridge University Press.

Ron Arreola of Hoerbiger-Origa, Chicago, submitted the idea for puzzle 273, Beat the clock. Ron’s prize is TurboCAD from IMSI. With this software, you can control layers, workplanes, views, lights, and cameras from a single palette. Features include an upgraded ACIS solid modeling engine, part tree that records entire history of 3D object creation and modification in an Explorer-like palette, assembly by facet, and applying light properties to any object.

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Fun With Fundamentals: Problem 273

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