Machine Design

Gear drive for mining, cement factories, and other tough applications

The Falk V-Class gear drives from Rexnord Industries, Milwaukee, can handle up to 341,000 Nm of torque and are available with single, double, and triple gear reductions. They can also transmit from 15 to 10,000 hp, depending on size and whether they have a parallel-shaft or right-angle configuration.

To keep oil in the sump at 180°F, which extends the life of the oil and drive, there are cooling fins on the cast-iron housing and oil-feed passages throughout the housing. Rexnord engineers also used computational fluid dynamics in designing the housing to improve its heat-dissipation capabilities. Cast-in oil dams in the housing and seals with purgeable grease chambers reduce the chance of leaks. Drainbacks on axial and radial seals also prevent oil leaks and contact between lubricated surfaces.

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