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Industrial Vertical Oven Saves Floor Space, Labor Costs

Industrial Vertical Oven Saves Floor Space, Labor Costs

The DTI-1135 electric vertical oven, designed and manufactured for a Tier 1 automotive supplier, boosts efficiency curing coating onto steel components. It also has a smaller footprint, thus saving factory floor space, and reduces labor costs. The oven uses an integrated pick-and-place device for loading the oven. Coated steel parts are placed on a tiered, servo-powered, vertical conveyor that indexes through the heating chamber. After the parts pass through the vertical heating chamber, they’re conveyed through a horizontal cooling chamber.

The DTI-1135 vertical oven is customized based on the supplier’s needed production speed, oven size, and temperature profile. It measures 5 ft., 10 in. by 15 ft., 6 in. by 16 ft., 16 in. Maximum temperature is 500˚F. Index time can be altered by the user and a programmable logic controller (PLC) is used for all motion control. Standard industrial ovens are available; customizable ovens can be requested by phone or by filling out Davron’s online quotation form.

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