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Stock plunge

You wrote an interesting “In the Loop” article back in the May 2002 issue. However, some colleagues and I were wondering about your choice of Lina Echeverria. You based your decision on the stock price of Corning Inc. (GLW) and quoted it as going from $25 a share to $300 a share; the problem we find is that when this article was published, the stock was at $6 per share and now it is at $3.75 per share. Even when you consider the three-way split of the stock from its high of $330, that still only translates into $18 and $11.25 per share respectively. So, we were wondering, is she really the best choice for your article?

Andrew Stenlund
Controls Engineer
Remmele Engineering Inc.
[email protected]

Maybe Lina is not the best pick, but any voice for the technically creative individual in industry would be a help.
— Ed.

Window view

I just discovered the “Brushing Up” articles. These are very interesting and well done. Thank you very much!

It would be nice if the Article Viewer on the Web site allowed me to enlarge the viewing screen out to full size. Currently the articles can only be viewed in small windows.

John C. Vines
Sr. Mechanical Engineer
Integrated Designs LP
Carrollton, Tex.
[email protected]

Thanks for the feedback. For future reference, PDF files can be saved to disk from the Article Viewer and opened in Acrobat Reader, which offers a resizable viewer window.
— Ed.

Patriotic pick-me-up

Thank you for “One Nation, Under God,” August 2002. It was a superb pickme- up this morning. I am not overly religious and feel that each person has their rights to worship or not worship as they will. However, I am well traveled and quite sorrowful each time I see a portion of our well-founded country being eroded. We are truly the greatest country on Earth.

Ken Platt
Manager of Engineering
Boltech Inc.
[email protected]

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