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Little pump finds big success

Little pump finds big success

Spurred on by a leading Fortune 100 medical system corporation, Hargraves Technology Inc., Mooresville, N.C., has improved pump head efficiency for its line of micro vacuum pumps and compressors. The medical company presented a design challenge — in both size and performance — which other miniature pump manufacturers viewed as unachievable. By applying more efficient motor and pump-head technology, the manufacturer successfully launched its blood analysis system program and exceeded its former power consumption threshold by more than 100%.

This type of real-time collaboration demonstrates Hargraves’s approach to customer-driven development. The process includes rigorous product quality and reliability testing, and can encompass low- or high-volume capability.

The CTS miniature pump is offered in a brush, coreless, or brushless motor configuration. It features flows to 2.5 lpm unrestricted flow, pressure service to 24 psig, and vacuum service to 20 in.-Hg. For more details, visit or call (704) 662-3500.

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