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LKS High PV Seal from Bal Seal Engineering Withstands Oil, Water, Dirt, and Mud

The LKS High PV seal from Bal Seal Engineering Inc., Foothill Ranch, Calif. (, consists of a graphite-reinforced PTFE sealing ring energized with a canted-coil spring coupled with a high-temperature, thermoplastic antiextrusion element and a metal locking ring. The hardware holds the seal in place and prevents material from extruding, despite little or no clearance between the seal and rotating shaft. The components work together to ensure seal wear is at the lip-contact area, not the hinge point. This gives the seal long life and improves sealing. And it not only keeps out dirt, debris and water, it prevents any fluids inside or on the shaft from leaking out.

In lab tests, the seal has withstood 500 psi of water pressure while it turned at 500 rpm for over 10,000 hr. In the field, it has survived over 9,000 hr of 100-psi heavy oil with sand while the shaft ran at 100 rpm. The seal works despite temperatures anywhere from –70 to 450°F on shafts ranging from 0.187 to 30 in. in diameter.

Edited by Stephen J. Mraz

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