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Pallet producer goes green Atlas Copco

Pallet producer goes green

Rotary screw compressors manufactured by Atlas Copco make new changes to CHEP's eco-friendly prodution of pallets.

Pallet CHEP Atlas Copco
Wooden pallets by Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool
Compressor Atlas Copco GA VSD
Atlas Copco GA VSD Compressor

Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool (CHEP), an Australian  manufacturer of wooden pallets and containers,  recently upgraded the compressed-air equipment at its UK production plants with a goal to lower carbon (CO2) emissions. A key change was the installation of Atlas Copco’s GA-Series rotary screw compressors, which reportedly cut energy consumption by up to 35%.

All of the GA models have a variable speed drive (VSD) which matches compressor output to fluctuating demand. The GA VSD reduces power by eliminating the inefficient transition period during the time from full to no load power. The system’s pressure has a flexible range of 413 bar, resulting in lower system leakage. An electromagnetic compatibility filter and overvoltage protection are also part of the GA VSD’s energy saving design.

Its screw compressors are oil-lubricated, and operate on ball and roller bearings. According to the company, the unit’s Standard Atlas Copco rotor Profile of the screw compressor ensures no metal to metal contact and increases overall performance of the compressor up to 20%. The drive system’s air capacity is 23-250 liters per second (49-529 cubic foot/minute).

According to CHEP officials, the Atlas Copco’s GA products reduce its carbon footprint by 50% and cut over 1,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.   

Watch a video of the VSD technology below.

Photos via Atlas Copco

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