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Phasing Hub from Candy Controls Keeps Shaft and Components in Proper Alignment

Many machines require precise angular adjustment between operating components due to improper setups, material deviations, and wear that leads to rotational misalignments. The Phasing Hub from Candy Controls, Niles, Ill. (, is a proven, cost-effective way to handle such timing challenges.

There are four primary components in each hub: an elliptical adjusting ring, a Flexspline with teeth machined into its inside diameter, a hub with the same number of teeth as the Flexspline cut into its outer diameter, and another hub with two fewer teeth cut into its outer diameter than the Flexspline. The Flexspline mounts inside the adjusting ring, deflecting slightly as it conforms to the elliptical ring. The two hubs then mate with the internal teeth of the Flexspline.

Under normal running conditions, there is no relative rotation of the elements, and the Phasing Hub functions as a rigid 1:1 shaft coupling. However, when the adjusting ring is manually rotated, the assembly creates a 100:1 ratio allowing for static-phase adjustments as the two hubs are walked around a common axis by the Flexspline. One complete rotation of the adjusting ring creates 3.6° of phase change at the output. For smaller adjustments, Candy provides a graduated scale on the adjusting ring which lines up with a mark on the inner hub. Each marking on this scale represents 0.1° of phase change on the output element.

Torque ratings range from 500 to 20,000 lb-in., depending on size, and the weight of the hubs vary from 2 to 24 lb.

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