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Scanning for Ideas: Edge CMM arm makes it easy to take accurate measurements

The Edge, the latest coordinate-measuring machine from Faro Technologies Inc., Lake Mary, Fla., features a built-in touchscreen and onboard computer that eliminate the need for a PC or laptop to take basic measurements. It lets users create measurement routines for repetitive tasks, which helps ensure consistency between several users. And different technicians can each have their operating preferences stored in the device itself.

All users can access onboard measurement “apps” for frequently used jobs and other software to simplify use. Ergonomics have also been improved to provide a better feel and balance during use. An optional laser probe simplifies reverse engineering and laser scanning by letting the device take noncontact measurements. The 4-in.-wide laser probe scans at 60 Hz, generating over 45,000 points of 3D data/sec.

The portable device weighs about 24 lb and comes in three versions with different measuring ranges and accuracies: a 6-ft measurement range with 0.0009-in. single-point repeatability; a 9-ft measurement range with 0.0011 single-point repeatability; and a 12-ft measurement range with 0.0025-in. single-point repeatability. The Edge operates in temperatures from 50 to 104°F, and can be powered by 100 to 240 Vac, at 47 to 60 Hz. It connects via USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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