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Machine Design

Scanning For Ideas: Heavy-Duty Motors Can Handle Overspeeds

The BSM 25 and 33 brushless dc motors from Baldor Electric Co., Ft. Smith, Ark. (, are available in ¼ to 3-hp versions rated at 320 Vdc.

Permanent magnets are on the rotor and windings are on the stator. The motors turn at 1,800 rpm despite temperatures from 0 to 40°C, but can be run faster if an application requires. The windings withstand temperatures to 150°C, while the wiring withstands 200°C and resists moisture. The motor is housed in a sealed TENV enclosure and the motor is UL, CE, and cUL listed. High-energy neodymium magnets ensure high-torque density. The units have NEMA 42/56 for base mounts.

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