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U.S. manufacturing poised for growth

Here’s some news you’re unlikely to find in any of the mainstream media outlets: The Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) predicts a major upswing in North American manufacturing within the next 12 months. Rising international shipping rates, changes in currency values, escalating demand for raw materials, and continual improvements in U.S. productivity are reshaping the international manufacturing landscape, giving domestic manufacturers an increasing edge in the global market.

“Although some predict more outsourcing of manufacturing, indisputable factual evidence points in the opposite direction,” says John B. Byrd, president of AMT. “We can expect to see a boom in the North American manufacturing sector unlike anything we have seen in the last quarter century,” he adds. “Forward-thinking manufacturers should begin making strategic purchasing and product development decisions now.”

This is great news at a time when manufacturers sorely need to hear it. But will they? Unfortunately, mainstream media is well into its spin cycle in preparation for the coming election. News like this, which might reflect positively on the current Administration, is apt to be buried or omitted altogether. In other words, the media bias switch is “on,” so don’t expect to see this on the front page of a major newspaper or consumer magazine.

There may have been a time when reporters, writers, and commentators were fair and impartial regarding politics, or at least they tried to make it seem that way. Now, they don’t even bother. In fact, they revel in their dislike of anyone or any system opposing their worldview.

Why the change? Why the desperation? Why now?

I have a theory on this, an opinion in light of the facts, but I’m not going to have room to present it in this issue. If you want to hear it, let me know and I’ll pick it up next month. If not, say so. The question is no longer, “Are Hollywood and the media biased?” Rather it’s, “Why are Hollywood and the media so set on determining the outcome of this election?” Do you have a theory? I’d like to hear it.

— Larry Berardinis
[email protected]

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