PhotoBionicCell Enables Large Scale Photosynthesis

June 1, 2022
Dr. Nina Gaißert, from the Festo Bionic Learning Network, describes the company’s approach to using algae in their industrial biologization system.

Developing a bioreactor that can enables the efficient and photosynthesis of algae on a large-scale is no easy task. In this video, Dr. Nina Gaißert, from the Festo Bionic Learning Network, describes their PhotoBionicCell that uses algae in their industrial biologization system.

“Our aim is to make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life of today's and future generations by the large-scale cultivation of biomass using our automatic technology,” says Dr. Elias Knubben, vice President Corporate Research and Innovation.

The system uses an innovative photobioreactor where the algae is automatically cultivated and its growth controlled. The cells use photosynthesis in their chloroplasts to convert sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and chemical energy carriers or organic recyclable materials. The automation technology in the PhtoBionicCell from Festo provides optimal gassing and mixing so algae can absorb one hundred times more carbon dioxide than land plants such as trees or maize.

This video appeared in Electronic Design.

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