Addressing Ethernet Connectivity in Industry 4.0 Deployments

June 20, 2022
Analog Devices’ Industrial Ethernet platform solutions are designed to provide device connectivity for a large range of industrial, instrumentation and other equipment.

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Analog Devices' Industrial Ethernet platform solutions provide device connectivity for a wide array of industrial, instrumentation and other equipment. They include both a physical layer and data-link layer to manage the industrial protocol and network traffic.

ADI Chronous network interface solutions are complete communications subsystems that enable inclusion of Industrial Ethernet connectivity to any end system. You can achieve multiprotocol connectivity without the need for any change to the application host code, removing the design burden of software integration.

ADI Industrial Ethernet platform solutions contain all of the technology needed to participate in star, line or ring network topologies, including the communications controller, flash, RAM, Ethernet switch and PHYs. They come with multiprotocol software solutions, enabling one hardware design to be used across all end systems with different software images to support different industrial protocols. A host processor connects to the network interface through ADI’s unified interface via an Ethernet, SPI or UART connection.

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