What’s Next for Hannover Fairs USA?

Aug. 25, 2022
The company’s CEO discusses what’s next for Hannover Fairs USA as manufacturing continues to grow momentum.

As Machine Design gears up for the largest U.S. manufacturing trade show of the year, we were able to sit down (virtually) with Ed Nichols, CEO of Hannover Fairs USA, who discussed Hannover Messe USA, a trade show happening inside the larger IMTS Show Sept. 12-17 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Part 1 – The Relationship Between Hannover Fairs USA and AMT

Part 2 – IMTS: The Super Bowl of Manufacturing

Part 3 – What’s Next for Hannover Fairs USA?

In the final part of this series, Nichols takes out his crystal ball and looks into the future of not only his company, but the manufacturing industry as a whole.

The transcript below has been edited for length and clarity.

Bob Vavra: The other key thing that I think everyone’s kind of pointing toward right now is capturing the upswing. Hannover Fairs USA does a number of shows on a wide variety of topics over North America, but particularly in the manufacturing space. What do you see as the goals and objectives once we close up shop at the end of the 17th at McCormick Place? What’s the next step for Hannover Fairs USA?

Ed Nichols: Bigger and better in 2024. But no, and I’m glad that you asked. We’ll have a global booth at the show that will provide all of the opportunities that we have around the world. I think what we need to do is not only make sure that we use that time, and that’s why it goes quickly, to make sure that we are where we need to be in 2024, but that we’re able to help our customers, exhibitors and attendees along the way to get into the markets that they want to be in.

One of the things that I believe the pandemic has done for our organization globally has definitely brought the collaboration together much, much better. And we’re excited about what we can offer a company or our manufacturing plant as far as access to the entire world.

BV: You talk about the smart manufacturing initiative that’s going to be at the show this year. But there are a lot of the Manufacturing USA organizations that are going to be there as well that I know you partner with, and are really focusing on niche areas of manufacturing and bringing that public/private academic partnership together—to really not just focus on some of the issues, but actually provide some tangible solutions.

EN: I think that’s key. I’m glad that you mentioned that. What we hope to deliver, what our goal is to deliver with the content that will provide it right, is not only the capabilities of technologies, but how we realistically apply them effectively. How do we change the engine on the plane while we’re flying, so to speak? That is something that we pride ourselves on, real-time application to what these technologies can do.

BV: Before we wrap up, just some thoughts on the show, Ed. We certainly want to point people to the website, both from a registration standpoint and from a vendor standpoint. From the registration standpoint, one of the great things about this is that you get a show within a show. You get the great knowledge and the and the learning and the exhibitors from Hannover Messe USA backed up with the great content at IMTS.

EN: Absolutely. You said it right. For the experience to those customers that are there, it is seamless and the goal is that this is the most beneficial gathering in manufacturing that one can participate in, and we’re proud to be part of that.

BV: Absolutely. Well, IMTS.com will point you to all the links to take you to all of the things going on at this year’s IMTS. I want to thank Ed Nichols, the CEO for Hannover Fairs USA, for talking with us about this. I’m Bob Vavra. Have a great rest of your day and stay safe out there.

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