QuickChat: Introduction to HepcoMotion GFX and Beckhoff XTS

July 26, 2023
Bob Vavra of Machine Design and Brian Buckler of Bishop-Wisecarver sit down to discuss distinctions and applications of GFX and XTS technology.

Bishop-Wisecarver® is the sole distributor of HepcoMotion® products in North America.  The HepcoMotion® GFX product series is a precise, robust and durable guidance solution utilized in high speed, high duty applications required by the Beckhoff XTS “Extended Transport System”.  HepcoMotion® developed this series alongside Beckhoff to handle the most demanding XTS applications that require flexibility in loading, motion profile, and application design. 

In this QuickChat with Brian Buckler, Senior Applications Engineer and GFX Specialist at Bishop-Wisecarver, learn about the difference between GFX and XTS, the capabilities the paired systems offer, common applications of both, and how long Bishop-Wisecarver has been working with the HepcoMotion GFX system.

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