3D Experience World 2022 screenshot
3D Experience World 2022 screenshot
3D Experience World 2022 screenshot
3D Experience World 2022 screenshot
3D Experience World 2022 screenshot

Dassault Systèmes Kicks off 3DExperience World 2022

Feb. 8, 2022
A three-day event offers a catalog of 3D technology briefings, best-in-class digital models and hands-on design sessions.

Dassault Systèmes, known for its SOLIDWORKS technology and 3D Experience Works portfolio, kicked off its signature event, 3DEXPERIENCE World 2022, on Mon., Feb. 7.

The three-day event, which features more than 235 break-out sessions, opened with major corporate announcements. The French multinational announced that Gian Paolo Bassi, who has led SOLIDWORKS as CEO for the past seven years, will lead Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Works organization as executive vice president. The company also reported that Manish Kumar, who has been in charge of SOLIDWORKS R&D since 2018, has been promoted to CEO of SOLIDWORKS.

“The growth of SOLIDWORKS, fueled by its continuous leading innovation technology, will continue and accelerate under Manish,” Philippe Laufer, executive vice president, Global Brands, Dassault Systèmes, stated in a press note. “It is due to the talented work of Gian Paolo and Manish that 3DEXPERIENCE Works has grown so large that it now requires a dedicated executive leading it into 2022 and beyond.”

The day’s lineup featured presentations with the firm’s leadership team, including a virtual tour in which Bassi travelled to meet with global customers. The meet-ups with corporate leaders highlighted how using the 3DEXPERIENCE Works digital platform improves collaboration and facilitates access to embedded data.

Bernard Charlès, Dassault’s vice chairman of the board and chief executive officer, outlined the company’s commitment to honing its goal to serve the “experience economy,” an approach that will help customers focus on appropriate technology that are effective at reaching clients. 

The full suite of 3DExperience on the cloud is tailored for the SOLIDWORKS ecosystem, servicing the 3D, CAD and PLM industries. The interface ensures a continuous loop for all users involved, from concept, design and simulation to manufacturing, sales, service and processes.

Other highlights from Day 1:

  • A keynote with astrophysicist Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi, who shared the background to his distinguished career. Oluseyi’s talk served to inspire not only aspiring engineers and underprivileged young people, but anyone seeking to make a difference.
  • The 3DEXPERIENCE Playground, an interactive, immersive interface where attendees connect with design teams, makers, entrepreneurs and manufacturing facilities—all from the convenience of your computer. At Model Mania, for example, attendees use their modeling skills to compete in virtual challenges and can win up to $500 in prizes. Attendees can also visit the Shop Floor, where a manufacturing facility is simulated so attendees have a feel for what it takes to produce aftermarket components for a factory.

Highlights for Tuesday and Wednesday:

  • Florence Hu-Aubigny and Manish Kumar, along with the R&D team, will provide a peek at new technologies, including collaborations with customers Exovolar and NASKA Robotics.
  • Industry process consultant Jordan Tadic will lead a panel of engineering service providers.
  • Delphine Genouvrier will interview GE Healthcare about its use of the 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation products to run FEA and CFD studies and solve advanced nonlinear problems.

Click here for a full rundown of speakers and live demonstrations.

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