Rehana Begg

Senior Editor, Machine Design
As Machine Design’s content lead, Rehana Begg is tasked with elevating the voice of the design and multi-disciplinary engineer in the face of digital transformation and engineering innovation.

Rehana has spent the past decade in the trenches of industrial manufacturing, focusing on new technologies, manufacturing innovation and business. Her B2B career has taken her from corporate boardrooms to plant floors and underground mining stopes, covering everything from maintenance and reliability to IIoT/software, digital transformation and continuous improvement.

Before joining Endeavor Business Media, Rehana served as the editor of several publications—including, Machinery and Equipment MRO, Plant Engineering & Maintenance (PEM) and Resource Engineering & Maintenance (REM)—where she was tasked with rebranding and sharpening the focus of these Canadian brands.

Over the course of 23 years as a freelance journalist and staff writer, Rehana has contributed to a number of media outlets and organizations. Her first editorial role as a junior editor in 2001 was at the now-defunct Homemakers magazine, a women’s lifestyle publication that placed hard-hitting political and social issues alongside coverage of food, fashion and lifestyle. She has progressively worked in senior roles covering institutional finance, health and fitness, and has contributed to such publications as Benefits Canada, Wood Design & Building, BioLAB Business, Plant, Canadian Home Workshop, Oxygen, Canadian Living and Style at Home.

As magazine brands moved into the realm of multimedia during the aughts, Rehana elected to explore future trends by pursuing a master of journalism degree with specialty courses in Health, Science and Medical Reporting, and International Journalism. She also holds a BA (Hons.) in Political Science and an MBA with a concentration in Project Management. She is committed to lifelong learning and feeds her passion for innovation in publishing, transparent science and clear communication by attending relevant conferences and seminars/workshops.

Follow Rehana Begg via the following social media handles:

Twitter: @rehanabegg

LinkedIn: @rehanabegg and @MachineDesign