Nonlinear FEA Includes Tire Modeling, And More

May 11, 2006
Abaqus V6.6, nonlinear FEA software, includes adaptive remeshing, multilevel substructuring, materialfailure modeling, bolted joints, tire modeling, and more.

Adaptive remeshing for Abaqus Standard lets the software remesh and rerun a simulation to reduce meshdependent displacement, stress, or strain errors. Substructuring is an add-on that calculates hundreds of natural frequencies in large linear structures. And Failure modeling lets users create failure models for layered composites. Simulating bolted joints produces accurate results without detailed thread models. Thread effects are important to local effects such as bolt twist and radial spread. Inaccuracies come from ignoring the local load transfer between fastener and clamped components. Tire analysts can include effects of detailed tire thread design in simulations of rolling tires. The software calculates faster than V6.5. For example, on four CPUs, a tire analysis that took 10,660 sec now finishes in 4,604.

Abaqus Inc., Rising Sun Mills, 166 Valley St., Providence, RI 02909, (401) 276-4400,

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