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Simulation Table's Bearings Support High Loads

July 30, 2015
A hydraulic simulation table designed by Moog Inc.can handle loads up to 1,500 lb. and vibrate at up to 100 Hz.

The hydraulic simulation table designed by Moog Inc., E. Aurora, N.Y., can handle loads up to 1,500 lb. and vibrate at up to 100 Hz. It is comprised of a 7.1- х 6.1-ft. aluminum platform or tabletop and six hydraulic actuators. The actuators each put out 12.2 kip (54 kN) and ride on hydrostatic bearings with eight pockets, an improvement over four-pocket bearings. The new bearings can withstand higher side loads, which reduces maintenance demands.

The table can move almost 9.6 in. in the Z direction (heave), 13.8 in. in the Y direction (lateral), and 17 in. in the X direction (longitudinal). It can roll ±9°, pitch 8.5°, and yaw ±12°. Maximum velocity for the Z axis is 65 ips; in the Y axis, the top speed is 64 ips; and in the X axis, speed tops out at 55 ips. Top speed for roll is 120°/sec; for pitch it’s 119°/sec; and for yaw it’s 145°/sec. The table can accelerate in the Z axis at +11g; in the Y axis, the top acceleration is 6.6g; and in the Y axis, acceleration reaches 5.8g.

The table can replicate motions in cars and trucks traveling along any type of road. It can fatigue test auto parts and accessories that get attached to vehicles, such as luggage racks.

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The table is supplied with a hydraulic service manifold, all hoses, and a Moog Test Controller with test software, which makes it easy to operate. The Moog iteration software ensures users can accurately simulate the desired target file.

For a complete simulator, Moog can also add safety subsystems, a seismic mass with air suspension, and data-acquisition gear, along with a controller and software.

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