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Adhesive sealant

The two-part Loctite SI 5640 self-leveling silicone potting compound is for electrical and electronic potting applications requiring UL 94 VO compliance. The adhesive sealant ensures electrical-component integrity by sealing against corrosion and outdoor contaminants. When mixed and cured, the adhesive’s two parts appear grey.

The low-viscosity silicone offers strong adhesion to plastics, resists 85°C/85% RH aging conditions, and is flame retardant when applied in thicknesses as low as 6 mm. The potting compound gels in 5 min and delivers high throughput in automated processes requiring fast cure times. It offers 30 Shore A hardness, elongation greater than 100%, and must be combined in a 10:1 mix ration to ensure proper cure. The compound comes in a 490-ml dual-cartridge package or 5 and 55-gallon drums.

Henkel Corp., Engineering Adhesives, One Henkel Way, Rocky Hill, CT 06067, (800) 562-8483,


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