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Submarine istock large

Pass the Shock Test: a Case Study in Designing a Custom Isolator

A team of engineers leverage custom design and analysis to build a reliable isolator solution for the Navy’s Columbia-class submarine.
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Water pipes

Why Tubing Trumps Piping

The differences between the two might seem small, but they add up.
Threaded inserts close-up with mirroring in box

Which are Best: Brass or Steel Threaded Inserts?

Engineers need to understand the costs and performance of the two materials to get the most economical threaded insert.
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Plastic parts

Getting the Right Adhesive to Join Plastic Parts

Engineers need to match the adhesive to the plastic to get strong, durable bonds. They must also design the joint with the plastic in mind.
Gears concept

Shaft Keys 101

A simple mechanical part can reduce manufacturing costs and machine downtime.
Hermetic wire feedthroughs can use point-to-point wire harnessing to reduce the number of connection points which are associated with voltage drops and degraded signals. The critical design considerations for feedthroughs are good seals, strength to withstand expected mechanical stresses and minimal electrical losses. Typical uses include high-voltage electrical switches, semiconductor wafer-processing equipment, medical imagers, military ordinance controls and space simulation vacuum chambers.

The Case for Wire Feedthroughs

Bulkhead connectors may be more popular for passing wires and cables through walls, but for many applications, feedthrough connectors can handle the task more elegantly and more...
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Engineer controls robotic arms welding

Weld Them or Braze Them? How Should You Join Metal Parts?

Both joining methods have their place, but it seems few engineers know brazing is an economical method for making strong, permanent metal joints.
Machine Design
Axel Fernandes, additive manufacturing solutions lead with CAD/CAM Consulting Services, demonstrates the relationship between software, a Desktop Metal Studio 3D printer and the part he holds in his hand.

Finger to the Wind: MD&M West 2023 Exhibitors Call the Trends

Medical device tradeshow exhibitors steer industry toward the path of least resistance.
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A bunch of large and small bolts with different heads

Bolts, Bolts, Bolts: A Gallery

Here are a few of the many types of bolts used by consumers and industry.