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Today, many wearable devices, including valuable medical devices, are disposed of after use. New Branson unwelding technology offers a means of recovering and re-using valuable components.

Patented Laser Welding Process Enables Closed-Loop Medical Device Recycling and Reduced Waste

Device makers are taking increased interest in product designs and assembly that support closed-loop recycling. A Branson plastic welding process can safely and nondestructively...
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Four Ways to Harness the Power of Lasers for Manufacturing Excellence

Using an industrial laser is a popular option for accomplishing many manufacturing process aims. Read about four reasons to apply lasers in manufacturing here.
Ingersoll Rand
QX Series 40V Cordless Torque Multiplier

Ingersoll Rand QX Series 40V Torque Multiplier for Power, Precision

Next-gen cordless QX Series 40V Torque Multiplier cuts bolting time and cost with repeatable accuracy for torque-critical joints, like those found in industrial environments.
GMX-HP Ultrasonic Metal Welder

Emerson Branson GMX-HP Ultrasonic Metal Welder Offers Flexibility, Productivity

The GMX-HP Series offers a mechanical design that results in an increased power weld.
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Pass the Shock Test: a Case Study in Designing a Custom Isolator

A team of engineers leverage custom design and analysis to build a reliable isolator solution for the Navy’s Columbia-class submarine.
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Choosing the Right Automated Joining Solution for Your Assembly Application

Current trends in automated assembly require manufacturers to reconsider outdated processes and expand production capabilities. Here are a few pointers to consider.
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2023 IDEA Awards: Help us to Spotlight Product Design Excellence

For the third year running, we honor the top innovations in industrial design, engineering and automation—as nominated and voted upon by you, our readers.
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Best Practices for Using Blind Rivets

Four rules engineers should follow to get the most bang out of pop rivets.
Pipeline coupling or joint

The Preload Matters…A Lot

The right preload on a threaded fastener can mean the difference between success and failure.