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Machine Design

10-MM Micromotor

The 1024 S series motor has an external diameter of 10-mm is 24-mm in length.

An ironless rotor and rare earth magnets allow a stall torque of 2.89 mNm and speeds up to 14,700 rpm. The manufacturer claims the precious-metal commutation creates low-contact resistance that lets the motor operate at low-starting voltages. It has a 1-mm diameter motor shaft, a black housing for heat dissipation, and can be combined with a gearbox and encoder. Planetary and spur gearboxes come in 10 and 12-mm diameters with output torques up to 450 mNm. Two channel-magnet encoders control speed and direction of rotation and drive-shaft positioning.

MicroMo Electronics Inc., 14881 Evergreen Ave., Clearwater, FL 33762, (800) 807-9166,

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