Machine Design

20-W Digital Audio Power Amplifier

The TPA3200D1 is a 20-W/channel digital audio power amplifier that drives bridge-tied speakers as low as 4 Ω from an 8 to 18-Vdc supply.

The digital input accepts 24-bit I2S or 16-bit right-justified formats. Half-power total-harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N) is 0.09% @ 1 kHz with a power-supply rejection ratio of 60 dB. The amplifier contains short-circuit and thermal protections along with soft mute, zeroinput detection, and a power-saving shutdown mode. An evaluation module is available.

Texas Instruments Inc., 14950 FAA Blvd., Ft. Worth, TX 76155, (800) 477-8924,

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