Machine Design

3D Laser-Scanner Software

Improvements to the 3D Laser Scanner LS software V 4.0 include intrinsic use of an inclination sensor for faster registration, constraint-plane fit for high-accuracy plane positioning, easier export of slices, export of objects in DXF format, intelligent contrast adjustment to improve point-cloud visualization, and automatic filtering.

The multilingual release lets users choose English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese. The portable, computerized device features enhanced firmware and creates a high-resolution, 3D, digital photograph by scanning in a 360° path up to 76 m away. The scanner collects 120,000 points/sec with up to 3-mm accuracy as the system's computer recreates and records the object's 3D measurements. The captured data is used to create a digital model or perform evaluation and analysis against existing models.

Faro Technologies Inc., 125 Technology Park, Lake Mary, FL 32746, (800) 736-0234,

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