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Machine Design

Absolute Encoder / Indicator

The AZ16 Series absolute encoder/indicator mounts on movable slides and stop systems. Combined with a magnetic sensor, the battery-powered "stand-alone" unit requires no wiring, and the battery has a service life of up to four years.

Features of the AZ16 include a measuring length up to 8 m, unique definition of the zero point with no further calibration necessary, permanent data retention of parameters, auto-power-off function with adjustable switch-on time, absolute or relative measurement switchover, operation in millimeters or inches, userfriendly setup and parameter levels, and keys can be disabled and enabled. The encoder/indicator is completely guided by a mechanical guide rail.

Elgo Electric,
U.S. distributor Maxmar Controls Inc.,
174 Brady Ave., Hawthorne, NY 10532,
(914) 747-3540,

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