Machine Design

AC Servodrives

Sigma II Series ac servodrives from Yaskawa Electric America Inc., Waukegan, Ill., come in 32 types from 30 W to 7.5 kW. The servo-drives are for industrial applications including lathes and machining centers, metal-processing and winding machines, industrial robots, semiconductor-manufacturing devices, and chip mounters. The Sigma II Series features high response with 400-Hz load frequency, a high-resolution serial encoder, maximum rotation speed of 5,000 rpm on the SGMAH, SGMPH, and SGMSH motors, low setting time, and smooth operation at low speed. Auto-tuning simplifies setup and adjusts parameters while the machine operates. The servoamplifier reads the servomotor ID, indicates type and capacity, and automatically sets parameters. Torque, speed, or position control can be digitally selected by changing a parameter. Main-circuit and control-circuit power supplies are separated.

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