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From Omron Electronics LLC, Schaumburg, Ill., comes an alternative to PC-based HMI.

The NS operator interface accesses information from PLCs up to three networks away from a single screen via Ethernet, Omron's own ControllerLink, or two serial ports. The interface also features a four-channel video input module that displays images from cameras or vision sensors. A ladder-logic tool lets users monitor a PLC ladder program from a system menu, eliminating the need for a laptop or PC.

NS-Series screens are available in 7 (STN), 10, and 12-in. screens with 256 color displays. Features include list boxes, pop-up menus, and screen programming capabilities such as recipes, multistate lamps and switches, macro programming, and trend graphs. The NS comes with 4 Mbytes of on-board memory expandable to 20 Mbytes, is 1.9-in. deep, and is NEMA-4 rated.

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